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Taking the Global View

Taking the Global View

Taking the Global View


“S W O T”. Strengths , weaknesses, opportunities and threats.   Strength: 

Luck. You were born into a first world economy. You are a walking encyclopedia of the ways of the  “first  world “  economy.                   


You  were  born  into  a  developing  economy.  Every  day  you  see  intelligent ,talented  people  with  good  ideas.  Development  would  be  highly  rewarded.


  The developing world is so far away. How  can  i  make  a  difference.  

Opportunity:  The cell phone in your pocket. It’s everywhere. Google a place you saw on tv. Call there free. There are apps. Some will translate for you.

Threat:  Inertia. 


Our Rational

Taking the Global View

Taking the Global View

Isn‘t it the time to ask more of our politicians and corporations? Three trillion dollars went into Afghanistan. They still don’t like us. What if the us had used that money for economic development there? They might even like us!


Our Mission

Taking the Global View

Our Mission

The typical corporation is focused primarily on growth. Products and services are means to that growth. If we take a hard look at the functioning of these “fictitious persons” what are we looking at? In the competition to grow,  these  entities will destroy and/ or consume competitors. Fact of life in a contained arena. What happens when the arena is expanded? In 1972 the United States opened relations with China. The remainder of the West followed suit. Now China is a powerful competitor in the expanded world economy.The process is repeatable. 

Lets reflect on that!


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Universal global economic development. EconomistsWithoutBorders. The global economy changed  after 1972 when the Unite States opened trade with China. Capital infusions ,came from the US and the other nations in the west. The association brought benefits  both ways . Sophisticated business and manufacturing  meet a  vast  number of literate  people  Available  at  low  wages with  unused capacity.,  that  saving  drives wealth  building in  the  west.  The  east  gets  Means  and  markets.  



There's much to see And  do  here. So, take your time, look around and learn all there is to know and  do.  

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